Our team

Women in Business Expo is organised by a driven team of women who, like yourselves, are all striving to be the best they can professionally! Some of us are juggling children too, but no matter what day-to-day challenges are thrown at us, we are all 100% committed to creating a professional exhibition that we are all extremely proud to have worked on.

Photo of Christie Day

Christie Day

Group Event Director

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

I left a market leading events company to run a start-up business and launch Women in Business Expo. We spend so much time at work and I wanted to be fulfilled and have the ultimate career progression. If you truly don’t love what you do make that change - when you leave you comfort zone you will grow and reach your full potential.

Photo of Caroline Carr

Caroline Carr

Marketing Director

If I visited the show I'd be a
Business Owner!

I set up my own event marketing consultancy 6 years ago and have loved EVERY minute of it. It works around family life and gives me the balance I craved and it’s great to be my own boss! I have been fortunate that I get a lot of work through recommendation so always been kept busy.

Photo of Charity Holden

Charity Holden

Business Development Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

I have always worked around having a family in a sales role which can be fairly unforgiving to a working mum. I am ambitious and driven and as a result want to understand how to develop professionally, listen to other women’s business journeys and gain tips on how to successfully manage the work-life balance.

Photo of Angeline Sherwood

Angeline Sherwood

Marketing Executive

If I visited the show I'd be a
Mum returner!

10 years of being a full time mum, and still with a young family, I am not only was worried about how things have moved on in my industry but I still wanted to be able to do the school run. I have been so lucky to find an exhibition marketing role that fits in during school hours and I am getting on the job training from one of the best Marketing Directors in the industry.

Photo of Fiona Duffin

Fiona Duffin

Seminar Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Business Owner!

Leaving a company 9 years ago to become a consultant was a daunting prospect, and sometimes still can be. Having to find work, relying on only yourself rather than a team, mastering that work life balance, it took a while to adapt and find a groove. Having also had two children in that time, I keep readjusting my business model so it is flexible enough to fit everyone’s needs. Surrounding myself with talented, like-minded people and trusting my instincts is certainly a good recipe for success.