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We've gone virtual!

Women in Business Expo North & Women in Business Expo South are now being held as one virtual exhibition on 14-15 October 2020.

Headlined by

Karren Brady
June Sarpong

Karren Brady & June Sarpong

Ruby Wax

Farrah Storr & Ruby Wax

Caprice Bourret & Perminder Mann

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Our team

Women in Business Expo is organised by a driven team of women who, like yourselves, are all striving to be the best they can professionally and personally! Some of us are juggling children too, but no matter what day-to-day challenges are thrown at us, we are all 100% committed to creating a must-attend event that we are all extremely proud to have worked on.

Photo of Christie Day

Christie Day

Group Event Director

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

I left a market leading events company to run a start-up business and launch Women in Business Expo. We spend so much time at work and I wanted to be fulfilled and have the ultimate career progression. If you truly don’t love what you do make that change - when you leave you comfort zone you will grow and reach your full potential.

Photo of Charity Holden

Charity Holden

Sales Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

I have always worked around having a family in a sales role which can be fairly unforgiving to a working mum. I am ambitious and driven and as a result want to understand how to develop professionally, listen to other women’s business journeys and gain tips on how to successfully manage the work-life balance.

Photo of Catherine Acevedo

Catherine Acevedo

Marketing Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Business Owner!

I've always had a passion for women in business. The desire to progress in my career alongside being founder of a natural beauty brand enables me to continue developing and learning. I love rising to new challenges and feeling inspired on a daily basis as part of my work.

Photo of Fiona Duffin

Fiona Duffin

Seminar Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Business Owner!

Leaving a company 9 years ago to become a consultant was a daunting prospect, and sometimes still can be. Having to find work, relying on only yourself rather than a team, mastering that work life balance, it took a while to adapt and find a groove. Having also had two children in that time, I keep readjusting my business model so it is flexible enough to fit everyone’s needs. Surrounding myself with talented, like-minded people and trusting my instincts is certainly a good recipe for success.

Photo of Jessica Elliman

Jessica Elliman

Operations Manager

If I visited the show I'd be a
Business Owner!

When my maternity leave finished I was looking for a way to return to work that offered more balance and flexibility. I left full time employment and started my own event management company. That was 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I work on a variety of really great events and have been challenged and rewarded every time. I have the flexibility that I craved and manage to enjoy the best of fulfilling career and family.

Photo of Elisah Chibvamushure

Elisah Chibvamushure

Social Media Consultant

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

Although I graduated with a degree in Economics, I'm an avid social media and digital enthusiast! I enjoy working in the events industry and this experience provides me with opportunities to interact with people of different backgrounds and work on some exciting campaigns. Growth is key for me I'm working towards becoming a great digital strategist.

Photo of Lottie Wilson

Lottie Wilson

PR Consultant

If I visited the show I'd be a
Career Advancer!

Since graduating from university with a degree in Media and Communication, I have embarked on a career within the PR industry. Working for an agency surrounded by driven, career-focused women inspires me every day and encourages me to follow my dreams and be the best version of myself possible. Achieving results for my clients gives me job satisfaction and I enjoy networking with other women in similar positions, and learning from those at the top of their game.